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Potato. Potahto. Sugar. Evaporated Cane Juice. Wait, what?


So we all know sugar is bad for us, right? And that is why manufacturers are thinking about us and are using healthier ingredients, like evaporated cane juice. Sounds healthy right? Unfortunately, it's nothing more than word play and a fancy way of saying sugar. 

The FDA is even aware of it and a few years back thought the way companies were using the term could be misleading. But that is about as far as they got. 

The FDA has talked about changing their stance and law suits by consumers have been filed, but marketing is still doing it's magic and many manufacturers still continue to use the term. 

While half the sugar productions in the US are beets (gmo beets at that), evaporated cane juice is derived from sugar cane and while sugar cane is not genetically modified, cane sugar and evaporated cane juice is simply one and the same. Containing the same calorie count and no additional nutrients or antioxidants. 

Companies could call it what it is, but potato, potahto, evaporated cane juice just sounds healthier. 

source: http://blog.fooducate.com/2014/06/08/is-evaporated...

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